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Do I have to be a member of the Anglican church to join?

Not at all. The Community of Christ the Sower is open to all Christian people of good faith, men or women, married or single. All members are encouraged to have a church home in which to receive the Sacraments and share fellowship.

Do I have to move to a new place?

Absolutely not. It is our strong belief that the love of God can unite us as family in Christ across any distance and in any circumstance.

Do you have Third Order members?

Yes we do. Our Third Order members are known within the Community as Friends/Associates and are considered full members of The Community of Christ the Sower. They share completely in our spiritual life, and may use the postscript a/CCS/NA after their names. Our Third Order members also wear the Community cross and may attend all functions of the Community along with our professed members.

Do I have to travel and do you have any fees?

We know that travel is expensive and sometimes presents a difficulty not easily overcome. We maintain community in prayer and frequent communication, and encourage members to make a retreat once a year at a location convenient for them if at all possible. We do not ask for funding and there are no affiliation fees beyond the initial cost of the Community cross.

You are called sisters, are you nuns?

No we are not nuns. We take simple not solemn vows. Although we live in our own homes and not in convents, our lives have a special intentionality to do all things to the greater glory of God. Our professed members may wear a habit, which consists of a black cassock, brother's collar and distinctive Community cross. We do not wear a veil. Friends and Associates of the Priory may wear the Community cross.

Priory logo What is the significance of the Priory logo?

The logo shows the Chapel of St. John, Little Gidding England, the heart of the original Ferrar Community. This is the tiny chapel that was restored by the Ferrar family and used for sacred worship and is where our community had its beginning. It survives to this day as a testimony to the Ferrar's devotion and dedication to "restoring the sacred" not only in their own lives but in the lives of all people with whom they came in contact.

What is your motto?

'Restoring the Sacred' is the motto of St. John's Priory. It reflects our kinship with the Ferrar community and their unique way of living. It also connects us with the needs of our contemporary culture; a culture that seeks peace in troubled times, a period very similar to the world of the Ferrar's.

How can I find out more about consecrated religious life?

The Conference of Anglican Religious Orders has produced an excellent video that will give you more information. Click here

Our invitation to you

Garden cat If you have ever felt called to a deeper prayer life but didn't know how to go about it;

If you've ever wondered if there was some way to deepen your relationship with the Lord but weren't sure how to proceed;

If you've ever felt that somehow the work-and-spend roller coaster of modern life was not where you wanted or needed to be;

If you find yourself wishing for greater commitment in your Christian walk, greater simplicity in your daily life and more peace in your soul, then perhaps The Priory of St. John, The Community of Christ the Sower is the place for you.

If any of this speaks to you, please contact us. Pray and talk to spiritual friends and, in the final analysis, we urge you with the words spoken by the Blessed Mother to the servants at Cana, "Do whatever He tells you."

Sr. Gabrielle Benedicte, CCS/NA, Prioress

Sr. Joy AnnaMarie, CCS/NA, Formation Directress