Our Community Rule Priest

Daily Prayer

We pray in common once a day. Those able to do so come together in groups or as families, to support and sustain one another in prayer; others use the same form of worship on their own. In the course of our daily prayer we pray for each member of the Community in turn.


Each week those who are able come together in groups to celebrate Communion. All members, from whatever Christian tradition they come, receive the bread and the wine; and children at the discretion of their parents also receive as fellow members of Christ's family. If possible we also come together to share a meal each week.


Each year in early autumn we renew our covenant before God as members of the Community; at the same service we also receive new members. Before formally joining the Community prospective members share for a period of time in our life of prayer and fellowship.

Chapel table Reconciliation

Each year during Lent, and at other times if it seems necessary, we have a service of reconciliation. Beforehand we each find time for personal reflection, perhaps with the confidential counsel of a pastor, seeking to discern those aspects of our lives where we are not at peace with God and with other people.


Each year during the Pentecost season we reaffirm all the members of the Community as ministers of Christ, recognizing that we all have spiritual gifts from God to be used within and outside the Community.